Manta Mania around Lily Beach

16 Sep 2015

Mantas usually do not gather together in large groups, except during mating season. It has therefore been a wonderful surprise to see big formations of these gentle giants around Lily Beach over the past few weeks.

The closest Manta cleaning station is only 15 minutes away from Lily Beach. Two more stations around Madi Faru are still in easy reach a little further to the North. At each station you can enjoy a cinematic-like experience and simply just watch whilst the Mantas put on their graceful show. These Manta dive sites are usually easy to dive and with a depth of approximately 15 meters, they are suitable for all divers, including beginners. As the Mantas also feed close to the cleaning stations, in the channels to the East, snorkelers joining our trips nearly every day also had an amazing experience watching Manta close to the surface.

We hope the Mantas will stay longer with us before they migrate to our other Manta site in the West of South Ari. We are looking forward to see you in our Manta heaven!