Guy Stevens’ Manta Ray Update

24 Nov 2011

This week we were lucky enough to receive a visit from Guy Stevens. Guy has been working out here in the Maldives as a marine biologist for the last 7 years conducting manta research and is head of the Maldivian Manta Ray Project, of which Prodivers is a part. His work focuses on researching the life cycle and habitat usage of the Maldivian manta population, while also working with the government, resorts, local communities and guests to create greater awareness and understanding of these graceful rays.

The reason for Guy’s visit was to update us on the research and data collected in the Lhaviyani atoll, and Maldives in general over the last year.

He was able to tell us how we now have nearly 250 individuals identified in our atoll, mostly jouveniles and sub-adults, and a nearly 70% resighting rate (suggesting we are now beginning to see the extent of our local manta population). He also stressed the importance of us continuing to gather data, and take photos of these wonderful giants for identification.

He left us all highly enthused, and we now can’t wait to get back out there and carry on helping with this important research.

We’ve been very fortunate to have numerous sightings over the last weeks and we’re hoping that a great manta ray season is ahead. Join our Manta Ray Specialty Course for more information and latest news!