Manta Feeding Frenzy at Fushivaru Thila

03 Sep 2011

After recently hearing stories from the team at Komandoo about Manta Rays at Fushivaru Thila, yesterday we decided to load up a boat and go to see for ourselves, and we were not disappointed…

On the boat trip down we spotted several Mantas’ feeding in Kuda Kandu so everybody grabbed their snorkels and slid in to have a look, after 10 minutes of watching these majestic creatures from the surface, everyone was keeping everything crossed we would be lucky enough to see them underwater as well. As we dropped in above the cleaning station we saw our first Manta loom out of the blue and from then on there was a near constant stream for the rest of our hours dive. We managed to spot one pregnant female and several males with some big (4m) boys amongst them. The cameras were going crazy, the Manta were showing us their best poses and our 60 minute dive time was up way too fast, one manta even accompanied us on our safety stop at 5m. Both pictures you can see here were taken by one of our divers, Bjørn Smidt-Olsen.Manta Fushivaru Thila Kuredu Maldives

It was a magical experience and all our divers and staff alike surfaced with massive grins and couldn’t stop talking about the dive. As if that wasn’t spoiling us enough we then went back to Kuda Kandu and snorkelled with 10 more feeding manta during our surface interval.

Here at Kuredu we are hoping the Mantas’ are here to stay for a while and we manage to share this fantastic experience with more of our divers – and the staff wouldn’t mind seeing it again ourselves!