5 Benefits of Diving with Rebreathers: Prodivers Maldives Explains!

23 May 2016

Rebreather diving is becoming more and more popular around the world and the Maldives is no exception. With proper training and commitment, you, too, can experience the underwater environment like never before. But what exactly are the benefits of rebreather diving as opposed to scuba? Prodivers’ rebreather instructor Armin explains:

  • You can dive longer. The biggest advantage of a rebreather is its gas efficiency. Since the CO2 (what mainly triggers our breathing reflex) is absorbed and the missing O2 is replenished, your gas duration is nearly independent of depth and you could, theoretically, spend all the time at the deepest point of your dive. What’s more, you can make several dives on one fill of scrubber (CO2 absorbent) and cylinders.
  • It is silent. With a rebreather you will have just a few or no bubbles, meaning you don’t hear the tremor of exhaust bubbles – and neither do the fish! That allows you to get closer to marine life, which makes it perfect if you do underwater photography or videography. Since you are less alarming to most fish, you will suddenly find yourself amongst them. Having schools of barracudas or even sharks right above your head is beyond amazing!
  • Breathing gas is moist and warm. The chemical reaction in the CO2 scrubber actually warms and humidifies your breathing gas. So it doesn’t chill you that much and long gone are the days when you had the sensation of a dried out cotton mouth.
  • Optimal gas mixture. Rebreathers constantly monitor the partial pressure of oxygen in the breathing mix and keep it constant, regardless of depth or exertion. The benefit can be less nitrogen on-gassing and faster off-gassing, resulting in more bottom time and less decompression sickness risk.
  • The feeling of flying. Since you’re breathing into counterlungs, the effect of positive and negative buoyancy is a completely different experience. Once you are neutrally buoyant, it feels like you’re flying the unit regardless of in- or exhaling.

You can give rebreather diving a try at our dive centers at Kuredu and Komandoo and get introduced to a whole new world of diving. Sign up for the half-day Rebreather Introduction to learn more and to experience the sensation of coming really, really close to marine life. Should you be interested in the full closed-circuit rebreather course, that can also be arranged. Prepare for 6 days of serious fun!

If you are certified already, you are welcome to bring your own unit; we provide 2ltt/3ltr tanks O2 / diluent and always have Drägersorb / 797 Sofnolime available. As for bailout, there are 3ltr and 5ltr tanks at hand.

Get in touch with us should you have any questions whatsoever regarding rebreather diving by sending us a message through the contact form.

As a well-known Maldives’ dive center that offers rebreather diving, we’re featured in the Silent World Magazine. You can read the article (in German) and see some familiar faces here.