Kuredu Goes Nudi Crazy

13 May 2010

It’s not all about sharks and rays you know!

Many scuba divers in the Maldives focus on the ‘big stuff’ when they jump in the water, but the small and the tiny should not be overlooked.

The Kuredu House Reef for example, proves this point, with over 19 species of colorful nudibraches recently being found.

A nudibranch is basically an underwater slug.  But rather than looking like the drab, slimy creatures eating away at your cabbages in the garden at home, nudibranches have some of the most vivid colors on display in the ocean. Bright colors very often mean danger underwater, and although being small, nudibranch pack a big punch. Many of them give off toxins to warn off predators, and some even have the ability to increase their weapon strength by eating stinging corals.  Once eaten, the nudibranch adds this additional punch to its weapons arsenal.

Some of our staff members were wondering how many different species of nudibranch could be discovered in such a small area, and so they started their “House Reef-Nudi-Project”.

They were amazed, that they could find, photograph and identify 19 species in just a few dives!  Most of them were on, or around the shipwreck on the House Reef.

Have a look at the 19 different species in a special Photo Gallery that we have put together. See how many you can tick off as having seen.

Thanks to Eva, Markus, Sophia and Ludwig for providing the photos!