New Manta Ray Specialty Course

02 Feb 2010

Ever wondered what causes a 2 tonne giant ray to propel itself clean out of the water to an incredible 2 meters into the air?  Why do Mantas have the name ‘Devil Ray’ when they are one of the ocean’s most majestic and graceful creatures? Did you know that Mantas are being slaughtered across the world’s oceans by large scale fisheries?

Around a year ago, Prodivers teamed up with the Maldivian Manta Ray Research Project, helping them to extend  their Manta Ray sighting database and subsequently find out more about them.  Until recently very little was known about Mantas, and through research projects such as this, the missing pieces are starting to fall into place.

The results of the research so far are throwing up some great findings, which were the trigger for the development of this Manta Ray Specialty Course as we would like to share the incredible insights with you. In addition to new behaviors being discovered, we have also learnt a lot about two of our sites where we see Mantas regularly. It’s amazing to see that two very distinct populations can be found at Fushivaru and at Dhanifaru.

The course, which runs out of Kuredu, is currently aimed towards snorkelers and includes a full day snorkel trip in the price.  The full day trip heads down to the south of the atoll, where, in addition to some great snorkel sites, regular checks are made at Dhanifaru throughout the day to see whether there is any feeding activity taking place.  If there are Mantas present, be ready to grab your mask, fins and snorkel and check out what you heard on the course!

[flv:Manta_Specialty_Course.flv 480 272]

Check out the special Manta Ray Course page for more information.