Weather & Climate

Hello, sunshine!


The weather and climate in the Maldives is one of the reasons that it has become one of the world’s top holiday destinations. The country receives plenty of sun all year round, with the average air temperature close to 30 degrees, and water temperature constant, at about 28 degrees Celsius.

The location of the string of islands close to the equator means that the weather is very heavily influenced by the two Monsoons that affect the weather patterns and diving conditions.

The North East Monsoon runs from November through to April and brings great weather and very good underwater visibility for much of the time. The South West Monsoon which normally extends from May through to October brings less settled weather, however higher plankton levels at this time bring huge quantities of fish life.


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Kuredu Pool Bar

Kuredu Pool Bar Webcam

Kuredu Ocean Watersport

Kuredu Ocean Watersport Webcam

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