Your safety is our priority!


Prodivers believes that safety is paramount while diving. To help ensure that your diving with us is kept not only enjoyable, but also safe, we have safety standards in place across our dive centers.

Kuredu is home to a recompression chamber with an on-site hyperbaric medical team. The chamber has been up and running since 2006 and offers an additional safety feature to our operations. The chamber staff are always on standby, serving not only the local resorts, but also the numerous liveaboard / safari boats that venture up into the northern Atolls of the Maldives.

Safety standards

  • There is oxygen on every dive boat as well as at the dive center
  • All dives are guided by our experienced instructors who provide general guidelines on how to dive the sites safely
  • Individual dive planning is mandatory. We can show you how to use a dive computer and explain the benefits.
  • All dives are no-decompression dives
  • Maximum dive depth is 30 metres, the dive time is limited to 60 minutes
  • We always recommend a safety stop at 5 metres for 3 minutes before surfacing
  • Every boat has a diver register which each diver is responsible for signing when they are back on the boat after the dive
  • There is a register for independent diving on our house reef
  • Each buddy team is given a surface marker buoy
  • All rental BCDs are equipped with a whistle
  • An octopus is provided for free if any diver doesn’t have one on their own equipment
  • When choosing the dive sites we take into consideration current and predicted weather conditions for safety and enjoyment
  • Divers are encouraged to follow the guides during the dives for safety plus, we like to show you the highlights!

Whilst we all work hard to minimise the risks associated with diving, here at Prodivers we still recommend all divers have Dive Insurance. Many generic holiday insurances either won’t cover scuba diving or limit diving to a maximum of 12 meters, because of this Prodivers recommends all divers have dedicated dive insurance to cover all their diving needs. There are various options on the market and one of the options available are with DAN which offer a flexible range of dive insurance options.