Rebreather Diving

Bubble free diving!


The bubble free world of rebreather diving is no longer just for the techie guys that want to dive deep and have countless tanks strapped around themselves. Imagine having sharks and mantas cruising less than a metre above your head, completely immune to your presence! Rebreather diving offers you the chance to dive both more quietly and closely to the marine life.

All four of the Prodivers dive centers are rebreather friendly, offering refills and sofnolime for divers already certified with a recognised Rebreather certification. We are fully equipped to offer oxygen and air refills for rebreather divers, and also able to offer two different types of sofnolime absorbant catering for Closed Circuit and Semi Closed units alike.

On Kuredu, we are able to offer introduction dives on the Evolution Closed Circuit Rebreather and the Evolution Closed Circuit Rebreather Course.