Is the Maldives a Safe Diving Destination?

04 Sep 2020

Scuba diving is an incredible way to experience the very best of what the Maldives has to offer – diverse and abundant marine life on it’s surrounding coral reefs. As with all adventure sports and activities, diving must be undertaken responsibly with safety procedures adhered to, proper training completed, and a reputable diving operator used, when this is the case the sport enjoys an excellent safety record and is an enjoyable recreational activity.

In remote locations it’s even more important to put safety first and when choosing your destination for diving, it’s important to think about the absolute worst case scenario should an incident occur – is there a hyperbaric chamber close by and suitably qualified doctors to treat you? Prodivers Maldives has access to hyperbaric chambers with diving doctors and a team of chamber operators within easy reach of all their dive centers and dive sites, this as well as stringent safety protocols means divers are in safe hands. One of the chambers is located at Kuredu Maldives Resort’s medical center and with two doctors as well as Prodivers staff that are trained to assist and operate the chamber in the case of a scuba diving related emergency, on call 24 hours a day to deal with scuba related emergencies as they arise.

Prodivers Maldives takes the safety of its divers very seriously beginning with staff training, diver registration, briefings and equipment. Dive safety guidelines for Prodivers guests can be found here.

Whilst we all work hard to minimise the risks associated with diving, here at Prodivers we still recommend all divers have Dive Insurance. Many generic holiday insurances either won’t cover scuba diving or limit diving to a maximum of 12 meters, because of this Prodivers recommends all divers have dedicated dive insurance to cover all their diving needs. There are various options on the market and one of the options available are with DAN which offer a flexible range of dive insurance options.