Maldives scuba diving holiday – for the kids too!

22 May 2019

Families planning on spending a holiday in the Maldives may wonder if there is enough on these tiny islands to keep the kids occupied….the answer is YES! As a world-renowned scuba diving destination, the Maldives offers the perfect opportunity for kids to embark upon a rewarding hobby which will last a lifetime and it’s fun, fun, fun all the way.

PADI’s inclusion of kids (age 10+) in almost all levels of their courses is encouraging as not only will these youngsters get to discover the amazing marine life but they will learn about our fragile underwater world. Children who become certified divers at a young age are the ambassadors of the aquatic realm for future generations. Memories will be made, fun will be had and a lifetime of adventure will stretch before them.

The team on Vakarufalhi is very pleased to introduce some of their latest young divers who learned to dive with them on recent holidays in the Maldives:

Clara: a very motivated 10-year-old Junior Scuba Diver, Lena: a passionate 11-year-old Junior Open Water Diver and her sister (and buddy), Marie: a 13-year-old Junior Open Water Diver! We wish them and all those who follow in their footsteps (or fin kicks!) happy bubbles and many stamps in their logbooks!

Kids age 10+ can take part in PADI entry level diving courses

Kids aged 8 and 9 can enjoy the PADI Bubblemaker course

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