Pilot whales and a rare Mako Shark!

18 Mar 2015

More surprises around the Lhaviyani waters this week! The team from Komandoo had just left the jetty of the resort for the morning dive, heading towards the outer reef, when they spotted some big dorsal fins and water puffs.

As they approached, they clearly saw that they where some sort of whale. It turned out to be a group of eight or nine Long-Finned Pilot Whales. The Pilot Whales were comfortably cruising around the western side of the Atoll.

The Komandoo team and guests were incredibly fortunate to slide in to the water and just catch a passing glimpse of the Pilot Whales. What was even more incredible was what was following the group of Whales – a medium sized Mako Shark! Mako Sharks, although known to be in the Maldives are an incredible rare sighting and the group was thrilled to have seen such a creature! Make sure you keep watching the video to see the shark’s brief appearance towards the end!