Eye to eye with Majestic Mantas

21 Oct 2017

Being located in the south of Ari Atoll truly has its benefits – especially when the mantas are around! Close to feeding and cleaning stations, Vakarufalhi is perfectly situated for encounters with manta rays throughout the year, with very few exceptions.

As the monsoons change, the plankton moves either to the east or the west side of the atoll and the friendly giants follow this movement in search of food and to be cleaned.

Observing the majestic manta rays feeding or being cleaned is an awe-inspiring experienece and on the bucket list of many. The feeding mantas pass by, one after the other, like a train, following their feeding instincts, performing barrel rolls and even jumping out of the water. At the cleaning stations they hover overhead or just next to the divers and can be seen looking as if they’re enjoying the stream of divers’ bubbles while the cleaner wrasse take care of these gentle giants.

Get an impression of what it’s like to dive with manta rays on a virtual dive thanks to recent footage taken by Antonio on the local Manta Thila.