Macro heaven for divers at Lily Beach

12 Sep 2018

The Maldives’ South Ari Atoll is well known for sightings of big fish such as whale sharks and mantas throughout the year but it’s not only the ocean’s giants that keep scuba divers coming back to Lily Beach time and time again. There’s another side to diving the reefs around Lily Beach that will keep photographers and videographers happy dive after dive and it’s at the opposite end of the size spectrum – the amazing macro life!

Just 10 – 15 minutes away by boat there are several little underwater islands with abundant macro life. The masters of camouflage and hence very difficult to spot, frogfish can be found in different varieties – a tiny spotted one, a red warty one and two giant black creatures reside on the reefs, they don’t really look like fish at all and are fascinating to watch. Staying still and pretending to be a sponge or such like presents photographers with a great opportunity for an excellent shot. Various nudibranchs, ghost pipefish, long nose hawkfish, shrimps and crabs are loved by the divers who visit with their underwater cameras.

Come and join us for a macro dive at Lily Beach and see for yourselves the fascinating world lying just below the surface. GoPro and Digital Underwater cameras are available to rent for anyone wishing to try their hand at underwater photography. Some of Lily Beach’s guests recently joined the Digital Underwater Photography Course and the results can be seen in the gallery below.