Macro Diving at Lily Beach

31 May 2016

Lily Beach offers divers incredible opportunities to encounter Whalesharks and Manta Rays, but also provides great macro diving experiences, with critters galore.

The team at Lily Beach have recently discovered a small piece of macro heaven, just 10 minutes boat ride away from the Resort.

The latest sightings at the reef include 3 different frog fish as well as a number of Halimeda Ghost pipefish, Dorid Nudibranches, Flatworms, Flabellinas, juvenile Scorpion fish and the elusive stonefish. This dive spot appears to be a nursery for all type of rare fish & critters. The dive site is perfect for sunset trips and night diving.

Some of our recent divers undertook 3 or 4 photography dives at the site, with one of the guests impressed with the quantity of macro life present – especially for the Maldives.

The Lily Beach team are looking forward to sharing this macro heaven with you!