Lagoon life at Lily Beach

25 Nov 2017

There is always something going on in the lagoon surrounding Lily Beach…. big stuff, small stuff and everything inbetween! It’s a great place to watch juvenille marine life growing up before they swim off into the blue water for their next life-stage, some even return to the shallows of the lagoon to mate.

Baby black-tip reef sharks can be seen all year round – luckily, they seem to favour the spot right in front of the dive center. This year, the team on Lily Beach experienced a large population of octopuses, baby feather tail rays, baby oriental sweetlips and very cute batfish.

The latest discovery was an oriental sweet-lips baby. Oriental Sweetlip Juveniles have a dark brown colour with yellow spots. When they are about 15 cm in size, they change color and get dark blue longitudinal stripes. The most unusual encounter, and recent highlight, was two guitar sharks mating in the lagoon next to the spa. Guitar sharks have a body form inbetween those of sharks and rays – very strange sight and pretty rare to spot but quite a few lucky snorkellers were able to watch them for a while; they could even be seen from the surface.

If simply standing on the beach and looking at the lagoon brings opportunities to see fabulous marine life just imagine what it’s like when you put your head into that underwater world! The team on Lily Beach are looking forward to showing you the underwater kindergarden surrounding the island.