Lily Beach House Reef – A Beautiful Place to Explore!

24 Jul 2017

The house reef at Lily Beach, Maldives, offers the opportunity for you to dive and snorkel right on your doorstep. The house reef is easily accessible, thus allowing you to dive and snorkel there throughout the day, including at nighttime (house reef night dives and guided night snorkelling tours are available). Having said that, the proximity of the house reef opens up a range of possibilities for you to enjoy snorkelling and diving whenever it suits you best.

During the orientation session, we familiarise our divers with the layout of the reef, entry and exits points, points of interest, and also tell you more about which marine life you can expect to encounter. Subsequent house reef dives can be done with or without a guide for certified divers – an easy way to get more experience and confidence in diving.

The house reef offers a total of 10 entry and exit points around the island, which allows you to snorkel and dive even at stronger currents at any time. We often encounter turtles, whitetip reef sharks, schooling jack fish, giant moray eels and octopus. In the lagoon we can see baby blacktip reef sharks and smaller rays. If you are lucky, you can even observe mantas on the house reef. But our house reef also provides a home to many small creatures: from clown fish, shrimps and crabs to numerous snails and ghostpipe fishes.

Our team are looking forward to welcoming you at our beautiful reef just a footstep from the dive centre.