Life is full of surprises…

19 Jan 2013

Life is full of surprises, and last week Prodivers got a big one. Mike (our beloved videographer) announced to us all on Monday that he was to get married… the next day. At first many of us thought he was joking (mainly because this is Mike), and to get married someone else would have to willingly (we hope…) agree to spend the rest of their life with him.

However his long suffering girlfriend Carly (Kuredu Shop Manager) foolishly said yes, and is now Mrs Michael “Blue” Pilkvist.  Following a beautiful ceremony on Kuredu, where Carly looked stunning and Mike looked, well like Mike, the newlyweds escaped to Komandoo for a couple of days for a bit of R & R.

We wish them both all the best, and Carly a lot of luck, with what ever the future holds for them.