Learn to Dive in the Maldives in as Little as 2 Days!

27 Apr 2020

If you’re planning a holiday in the Maldives make sure you put learning to scuba dive at the top of your list – it’s one of the top destinations in the world for diving and the marine encounters are incredible. Warm water, great visibility, small groups and professional, patient and friendly instructors at Prodivers makes it a great place to learn the skills for a lifetime of underwater adventures and, with the PADI Scuba Diver course it can be completed in as little as two days!

Many people might be put off at the thought of spending their valuable holiday time in a classroom or studying and taking tests when they could be sipping cocktails, relaxing on the beach or spotting dolphins but, we have good news…you don’t need to study on holiday – you can complete this part of the course before you even set foot on the plane, from the comfort of your sofa at home! The PADI eLearning program allows you to access course materials, complete all the knowledge development, take the quizzes and print off your scores to bring along to the dive center on your arrival, leaving just the fun part to complete with us here in the Maldives. When looking at the PADI eLearning courses, choose Open Water Diver course but you’ll need only the first three sections (complete them all if you like though!).

You will have three sessions in the lagoon where you’ll get comfortable with the equipment and learn some skills before heading off for two open water dives on the reef to show off everything you’ve learned and see the magical world of the Indian Ocean coral reefs. Upon completion of the PADI Scuba Diver course you will be qualified to dive to a maximum depth of 12 meters, accompanied by a PADI professional almost anywhere in the world. You can upgrade to the full PADI Open Water course at any time in the future by completing two more knowledge development sessions (at home if you wish), two more skills sessions in confined water and a further two open water dives – the goal for a future holiday perhaps?

Let the adventures begin…from the sofa to the Indian Ocean.