Little leaf fish on Caves

03 Mar 2012

Last week when we went out for a night dive at Caves our snorkel guides Jenna and Swen together with Karin from the office joined us for a fun dive.

All three of them were focused on finding small creatures, as on Caves a lot of different nudibranches can be found. During their dive they found 5 different types of nudibranches and, of course, many sleeping green sea turtles hiding in the overhangs.

The highlight was a giant moray eel following them during the whole dive and playing in their bubbles and a really cute tiny little leaf fish! This little yellow/white fellow was sitting on about 17 meters on an orange sponge and as you can see on the picture, the little one was no bigger than 2 cm…! As much as he tried to camouflage himself against the background, it didn’t stop Swen from spotting him. Great!