04 Nov 2012

At the moment we have Laurie and his lovely wife Terri on the island, they are visiting Kuredu and Laurie is diving with us for the 30th time – yes I did say the 30TH TIME!

You might of thought that coming back to dive with us so many times would get you some special treatment and in way you would be right, Laurie is enjoying all his diving free of charge (just like on his 10th and 20th visits).

However this time we thought we had better try and make him earn his keep so we have put him on a ProDivers Internship. He is now the proud owner of a ProDivers orange t-shirt, but like all our staff he has to work his way up to the top.

Today saw Laurie joining our hardworking support staff Babul and Alhas as they pulled the trolleys full of dive gear to and from the boats for our divers. We really value the work these guys do and we know they appreciated Laurie pitching in to give them a helping hand today.

Keep an eye on the blog to see what other jobs we get Laurie to do during his stay!