Laurie the Intern: Sweeping the world away

09 Nov 2012

Where possible we like to try and keep things nice and tidy around Prodivers. That being the case we will often put the staff to work cleaning up when ever there is a quiet moment. With Laurie’s internship well underway it was felt that he should help with the sweeping up.  Being based on little more than a sand spit, sand has a tendency of getting everywhere, so every day we have to sweep the DC and put all the sand back where it belongs – outside. So Laurie grabbed a broom and joined our boys in helping clear the decks and the make the dive center a much nicer place to visit.

Whilst perhaps not as glamorous as taking people out to swim with manta rays or on adrenalin fuelled scooter dives it is a vital part of the day to day running of the dive centre, and as Laurie seemed rather competent maybe its something we will call on him for again in the future!

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