Laurie the Intern: Dive Leader

22 Nov 2012

Laurie’s 30th visit has come to an end but before he left he finally made it to (almost) the top of the food chain, he was let loose guiding a dive. When our instructors first come here they will usually go through weeks of training; learning the dive sites, and the expectations of both Prodivers and our guests.

Well with over a year in total on the island (all be it spread out a bit) Lauries training has finished and he was able to take some divers on a great dive to Caves. He even remembered to call the office to tell us what he was doing .

Judging what the currents are doing and briefing the dive accordingly are only the start of guiding dives. He  had to keep his divers together as they explored the dive sites, react to any problems that may have arisen under water and most important of all make sure everyone made it back on the boat for the banana cake, after all that’s the only reason any of us are here really.

With Laurie already expected to be back with Prodivers again in the New Year it can only be a matter of time before he takes that final step into management. Having worked here for almost two years I am still not entirely sure quite what it is that management does.

Laurie has however cracked walking around looking busy, often on the phone and generally making more work for the rest of us, so you could argue that he already has this management lark down.

Of course management would like to think that they are responsible for keeping all the cogs of Prodivers running, and throughout Laurie’s internship many of you will have seen there is a lot more than just taking people diving to keep this place working.

In reality it is in fact the wonderful and beautiful office girls who keep this place going – and not even Laurie is experienced enough for them yet!

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