Laurie the Intern: Compressor Boy

12 Nov 2012

As Lauries 30th visit continues, so does his special treatment and education. This time we have been putting him to work in our compressor room. We feel it is only fair as over the years he has used so many hundreds of our tanks (846 and that’s just since we started to keep count!).

So he has been joining our compressor team to make sure all the boat dives and house reef divers for the day have enough tanks of air and nitrox to keep them going. Working throughout the day these guys need to coordinate with the boats and instructors to make sure that the tanks are ready and to go and that spares are always on hand just in case.

Although the boys have enjoyed having the gray haired wonder giving them a hand one suspects that he won’t be kept out the water for long, and he probably has been hiding a few extra tanks for himself whilst he has the chance!

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