Laurie Celebrates 200 Kuredu Express Dives!

11 Feb 2023

Repeater guest Laurie Miller has been diving with our Kuredu team since 1994, logging more than 2200 dives, more than 1900 of those have been with Kuredu Prodivers. During his recent 50th visit, he completed his 200th Kuredu Express dive!

Kuredu Express is famed for strong currents, sharks and adrenalin rushes – it’s no great surprise that many divers who visit us request to go to this fascinating dive site. Even though Laurie has dived the site 200 times, he always enjoys it, always notices something different and is enthusiastic to visit the reef again. The secret to enjoying the same dive site over and over again is always being open to finding and noticing new things and diving slowly enough to allow this to happen. Due to Laurie’s familiarity with many of our dive sites, he is able to concentrate on his favourite activity of fish watching and how the different creatures interact with each other.

When you take Laurie’s approach and take your time dive along a stretch of reef, rather than race to an undefined end point, you use much less air, you see much more and spot the smaller creatures such as tiny but colourful nudibranchs, and the camouflaged critters such as leaf fish, ghost pipe fish and frog fish – all of which make great underwater photography subjects. Diving slowly and being more in tune with the underwater world also allows the bigger stuff such as rays and sharks to come closer as they are not scared away by frantic movement on near the reef.

Come and join us on Kuredu Express soon – there’s much more to see than sharks…although these are fantastic sightings too! If you’ve already dived with Prodivers and are thinking about returning, check out our generous Repeater Discount Program.