Kuredu’s Water Rats

26 Jan 2010

Everybody holidaying on Kuredu and stopping at the dive centre, will meet our snorkel guides sooner or later: Ludwig, Karola, Sofia and Anna. They are irreplaceable when it comes to overcoming someones fear of fish, giving tips for snorkeling, or answering questions about the amazing underwater world of the Indian Ocean.

The snorkel guides arrive at the dive center at 8:45 am and prepare for the first snorkel excursion of the day.  We have a number of Featured Snorkel Sites that allow guests to see the very best of what the Lhaviyani Atoll has to offer for snorkelers. They Snorkel Team also ensure all the snorkelers have correct fitting equipment and are incredibly quick at identifying fish that people don’t recognise, using the recently installed touch screen in addition to the numerous fish books we have around the center.

The equipment that we have for rental is looked after by the very close eyes of the snorkel team.  In the stuff is in poor shape, it gets replaced immediately.

Our half day and full day excursions are always accompanied by a minimum of one of our snorkel guides, who are pleased to give some more information during the trip about all the fish life you can expect to see on our snorkeling tours. The snorkel guides not taking out one of the boats are kept busy with special courses for both beginners and advanced snorkelers alike.

The day can be quite long as throughout the week we run special Night Snorkeling trips, both out to the house reef, and also out to a local reef.

Take a look what the snorkel guides are doing during the day on our “Recent Events” and tell us, why you could do the job!

Don’t miss tomorrow’s day when we are going to introduce you to our dive instructor team…