Kuredu divers enjoy epic dives at Zafari

13 Nov 2017

Although not as well-known as the famous Kuredu Express, the dive site Zafari can put on a real show, and divers can be treated to some epic dives…

The last two weeks Zafari has done just that, given divers from Kuredu epic dives. The start of the current string of good-fortune on the site was two weeks ago when Lisa from Manta Trust spotted a baby whale shark cruising around on Zafari outreef and since then there have been further impressive sightings:

  • 3rd November on Zafari Corner a baby Tiger Shark was seen by Pierre and his group
  • 4th November – Pierre took more divers to Zafari to see if his luck continued and was rewarded with a sighting of an Ornate Eagle Ray on the outreef (also known locally as Kukulhu Outreef)
  • 7th November – Laura, along with Carola and Giuliana ventured to Zafari Corner with their guests and they were treated to a Leopard Shark

Zafari is a site of surprises, lying at corner of the outreef and channel, where the water flows into and out of the Lhaviyani Atoll, the relatively shallow atoll floor plunges to depths of thousands of metres and it really is a case of ‘anything is possible’.

Take a virtual dive on Zafari right now, no need to worry about a buddy check – but to get into the spirit of things you could don your mask and fins!