Diving and snorkelling the Kuredu house reef wreck

06 Apr 2018

The wreck at Kuredu Resort Maldives is a highlight for anyone scuba diving or snorkelling the house reef – there aren’t many destinations where you can wander barefoot from your room, grab your dive gear and simply jump in for a great dive on a wreck teeming with marine life.

There is always an air of mystery surrounding wrecks but the story of the Kuredu wreck is recent enough to re-tell with accuracy… The old fishing vessel was purposely sunk in 2002 to extend the service offered to guests, in particular those with a love of wrecks. It’s now a very convenient marker for divers and snorkellers to get an idea of where they are along the reef. Resting against the reef with it’s stern on the sandy bottom at a depth of 23 meters and the bow reaching to within 5 meters of the surface, the wreck can be enjoyed by snorkellers as well as divers. Guests keen on freediving, or apnea diving, love diving down to get a closer look – Prodivers can teach the basics of breath hold diving to any snorkellers who want to experience the freedom of venturing a little way below the surface.

In the years the vessel has been underwater it has become encrusted with corals and home to many creatures. Jackfish love to hunt around it, there are lobsters and turtles that love to visit too. Divers with a keen eye can spot octopus and the tiny but beautiful nudibranches. Large napoleon wrasse can be seen cruising by and even sleeping inside at night.

The house reef at Kuredu can be dived at sunrise, sunset, at night and also at any point during the day. Divers must be in a buddy team and ensure they have signed out at the dive center; on return they sign back in. Divers get to experience the wreck during their Orientation Dive and snorkellers can join the guided house reef tour before venturing out with their buddy. With no time contraints or boats to catch, the Kuredu House reef is a relaxing way to dive – and with a wreck thrown in too it’s a dive not to miss whilst staying at Kuredu.