Kuredu – An Underwater Photographer’s Playground

27 Mar 2017

It is no secret that beneath the flat ocean surface around Kuredu lies an awe-inspiring underwater world. The sheer number of dive sites and the diversity of reefs make Lhaviyani Atoll a go-to destination for incredible marine life encounters; in fact, divers and snorkellers can expect to see some of the ocean’s most fascinating creatures, such as reef sharks, manta rays, sea turtles, and feel excited when they stumble upon some of the smaller creepy crawlers on the reef. Whether you are a fan of big or small, Kuredu has got it all. If you are captivated by the ocean and wish to keep your memories of the Maldives alive, it’s best to eternalise them with a little help from an underwater camera.

With the advances in layperson-friendly underwater cameras, it is now easier than ever before to try your hand at underwater photography. Since light behaves very differently underwater – and subjects are usually on the move – underwater photography requires some patience, but with some practice, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t return from your holiday at Kuredu with a memory card full of images of your favourite fish and other reef inhabitants. Snapping a selfie with your buddy – or even with a manta ray – is of course a must!

To help you understand the specifics of underwater photography and to get some expert tips on how to get the most of your camera (cameras are also available for rent) so as to make your pictures as vivid and clear as real-life conditions are, you’re kindly invited to enroll in the PADI Digital Underwater Photographer Course. Our instructors are avid photographers themselves and have vast media libraries of underwater images taken around Kuredu, so they’re surely the right address to go to if you too want to return home with an album of amazing pictures.

To show you just how incredible photo opportunities coral reefs around Kuredu offer, it is with great pleasure to showcase a gallery of photographs, taken by our repeater guest, Carsten Kapst. Carsten came to Kuredu for the first time in January 2008 and has done 351 dives with us since. During his recent diving holiday this January, we even celebrated his 500th dive at Kalifushifaru Outreef! Carsten, thank you for having dived with us already 10 times and for allowing us to show our readers a selection of your wonderful underwater pictures.