Kuredu’s 45 resident Green Turtles!

18 Dec 2014
We always knew that we had something special going on around Kuredu, and now we have had it confirmed! Kuredu is home to the largest known population of Green Turtles in the Maldives, with over 45 identified individuals resident around the resort!

It’s with great pleasure that we would like to introduce you to Lilly, one of Kuredu’s longest resident guests.

As part of the ongoing survey by the Olive Ridley Project, Dr Jillian Hudgins recently came to Kuredu to offer an insight into their work helping to prevent ghost nets causing havoc to marine creature in the ocean. Part of the work being undertaken includes the identification of Turtle ‘Hotspots’ within the Maldives, and when Jillian heard about Kuredu she was keen to come and see the community for herself.

Over 45 individuals have been identified as living here in the lagoon around the resort, on the house reef, Kuredu Caves and Kuredu Express. It’s a great testament to the work of both the Prodivers team and Kuredu Resort to have lived together with these incredible turtles for over 25 years.

Through respect for the turtles, education initiatives for our guests to take part in and the development of special Turtle related activities for both snorkelers and divers alike, a harmonious relationship exists between the turtles and the visitors to the resort.

Keeping track of the turtles will help us understand more about their movements throughout their lives and we are pleased to be taking part in such a research initiative that will help ensure the population remains healthy and continues to grow.

Watch this space for more initiatives as to how you get more out of your turtle experiences in 2015!