Team Speak Out About Their Kuredu Highlights

05 Feb 2016

Congratulations to Elena, Paige and Daniel on passing their three-month probation periods! Reflecting on these last couple of months with us on Kuredu, they have had quite a few incredible sightings, which we would like to share with you. So here it is, our newbie team speak out about their highlights, both below and above the water.


  • Super happy for having completed her PADI Advanced Open Water Course
  • Enjoys her work in the office and appreciates the support she got in her first months on the team
  • Excited for having experienced her first swim-through on Felivaru Outreef. What a spectacular dive site!
  • Likes the fact that through her office work she gets to see the big picture of how such a huge dive center is run, and gets to broaden her horizons of the diving industry and diving as such
  • Elena can’t help herself but to praise the comfortable conditions the team have on Kuredu and understands that without excellent food, entertainment and good colleagues, her paperwork would probably be a mess – and you wouldn’t get to see her pretty smile at the counter!


  • Paige will never forget her first manta on Fushivaru. That was the day when Paige shed a tear of joy.
  • Paige will never forget her first tiger shark on Fushivaru. Imagine the excitement of that day!
  • She absolutely loves diving with underwater scooters and shares her excitement of seeing the big fish in the atoll’s channels with her guests
  • Her favourite fish has come to be Schooling Bannerfish. That’s the one with a base layer of white with two wide black stripes and well, a banner. There’s loads at The Wall, Maa Giri, Kanuhura Corner and several other dive sites in the Lhaviyani.
  • When Paige isn’t guiding or teaching, you can find her on the volleyball court, windsurfing in the lagoon, eating cupcakes in Sai Kotari, and admiring Kuredu’s quirky flying foxes aka fruit bats.


  • For Daniel, overhangs are the thing. Dramatic scenery, infinite crevices, holes, swim-throughs… Daniel’s happiest when he’s in a cave.
  • Or when he’s scooter diving to see some big fish action, such as eagle rays, barracudas, napoleons and sharks.
  • Favourite fish: Ghost Pipefish
  • Favourite course to teach: PADI Sidemount Specialty
  • When Daniel’s not busy with diving and Paige, he enjoys easy-going spare time activities, such as paddleboarding and badminton.


We’re still keeping an eye on Simona, our new snorkel guide. In order to keep her on the team for a while longer, we can’t show her just about everything in the first few months, but already her first weeks were quite eventful to say the least, so we’ve decided to feature her as well. What have Simona’s highlights been so far?

  • Helped rescue two turtles that got entangled in a ghost net
  • Saw her first manta ray
  • Completed her Emergency First Response and Rescue Courses
  • Grateful for getting a chance to snorkel the incredible coral reefs she heard so much about. Apart from loving her job, Simone knows how to enjoy the little things in life, such as sinking her toes into the sand while munching on freshly cooked fish in the canteen. Welcome to paradise!