Prodivers Kuredu: Jon and Mike are back in the game!

12 Nov 2014
Dive the Maldives

Do you fancy paragliding in New Zealand? How about diving in the South Pacific?

After leaving us some time ago, Jon and Mike did the above, respectively. But fret not, apparently you’re not missing anything out!

Our repeater staff say their time off Kuredu was great, but not half as great as being here again. If Jon and Mike knew anything about cars, they’d probably claim the Maldives was the Rolls-Royce of dream destinations.

But since we do give them a lot of credit for their other abilities, please put your hands up for Jon and Mike being back on the Prodivers Kuredu team.

Jon is our new snorkel manager, working hard to give our snorkel center a boost: planning new activities, searching for new coral reefs to take you to on snorkelling trips from Kuredu, and carrying on with the Manta Ray research he’s so passionate about (check out last week’s manta mania movie!). If you want to get closer to Jon, get him a cheese toastie and throw the latest rugby results into the conversation.

Mike’s got his diving instructor job back, so that’s good news for all of our Swedish, Norwegian and Danish speaking guests, and we’re counting on him to impress us with his underwater photo and video skills as well. In his spare time, when Mike’s not strolling along the beach or having beer with his wife (whom he actually met and exchanged vows with on Kuredu)—we don’t think he’s up to much.

Have you dived or snorkelled with Jon or Mike yet? Tell us on our Facebook page how you like our two newest additions to the team!