The IDC Diaries – Day 9

05 May 2010

Day 9 of this IDC was a short one – just two classroom sessions and the rest of the day off!

The first session of the day looked at “PADIs Continuing Education Philosophy”, during which the advantages of teaching courses beyond entry level was discussed.

The candidates also received some more ideas and information about they too can continue their own education once they have reached instructor level – as our very own Markus is doing with his current IDC Staff Instructor Course.

The second presentation of the morning was dedicated to the “Business of Diving” and the advantages of working closely together with a dive center. The morning session finished off with a pricing workshop to help the candidates understand the various expenses and subsequent profit that need to be built into their future courses.

The afternoon gave the candidates the chance to relax.  Some of them went for a fun dive on the boat with Ute the Course Director and two of the IDC Staff, while the others simply relaxed on the beach!

The day was topped off with a quite spectacular Maldivian sunset…