Join a Thrilling Night Snorkelling Adventure at Kuredu!

20 Jan 2024

If you’ve ever snorkelled on the reefs of the Maldives you will be familiar with the abundance of marine life, brightly coloured fish and may have even encountered turtles and rays…but that’s just the daytime story, snorkelling a night opens up a whole new world of adventure!

When the sun goes down the daytime reef inhabitants hide for the night and the nocturnal creatures become active, that’s when the action starts… we usually get to swim with sharks and sometimes we’re lucky enough to watch them hunting right in front of our eyes. The most common shark sightings at night are black tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks and nurse sharks but we have also encountered others including a huge lemon shark and a great hammerhead shark!

The Kuredu house reef shipwreck takes on an altogether more spooky vibe at night – it’s great to see it shrouded in the mystery of darkness. We see bold squids that often come really close, there are lots of jackfish that like to follow the group in the hope that our torchlight beams will shine on their favourite snack, little bait fish, and when they do the jack fish move so fast you can hear them whooshing past! Look out for moray eels as they leave their daytime hiding places and hunt along the reef. Everything becomes a lot more colourful at night as your torch replace the colour absorbed by the water.

The grand finale to this spectacular tour is when you switch off your torch and see the bioluminescent plankton sparkling all around like green glitter – it’s an experience you won’t forget.

Book your night snorkelling tour with Kuredu’s App before you arrive to secure a place on this unforgettable adventure!