Kuredu’s Baywatch Stars

28 Jan 2010

During this week long special insight into the daily life here on Kuredu, we cannot forget to mention our clinic and hyperbaric chamber!

Kuredu is fully equipped with a hyperbaric chamber and doctor (Ahmed) and a  nurse and chamber operator (Steffi) .  The team is also currently being helped out by Doctor Ebu, who is helping out while brother Ahmed is back in Turkey awaiting the arrival of their baby boy. The medical team is on hand to help with any medical related issues while people are on the island.

The door is open for every body daily from 9am to 11am and again during the evening from 6pm to 7pm. In between these hours, a team member is on call, ready to help out in case of an emergency. On such a big island there is always the possibility that something happens, but luckily the daily problems they have to deal with are mostly ear problems with snorkelers and divers.

As Steffi is not only a nurse but also a staff instructor, she is always happy to help out to get her head down under water. In the pictures in the “Recent Events” Boot 2010 photo gallery, you can see her getting involved in a recent Rescue Course, enjoying playing the role of the victim for once!  The other pictures help give you an idea as to what their daily work in the clinic is like.