Kuredu Marine Life – Common Octopus

12 Jul 2017

The House Reef at Kuredu Resort Maldives is home to quite a gathering of Common Octopuses – we regularly see them whilst diving and snorkelling the reef. If you decide to explore the House Reef you will probably discover one of these fascinating creatures – but you’ll need to look carefully as they are masters in disguise!

Common Octopus Fun Facts

  • Octopus means 8 footed
  • Nocturnal creatures – they are more active at night
  • Highly flexible – they can change shape to fit through the tinniest holes
  • Boneless – they lose their shape once they are out of the water
  • Solitary animals that nest in rocks, corals or dig burrows (which they make themselves), leave only to eat or reproduce
  • 3 hearts: 2 for animal’s gills, the third for the organs. The third heart stops beating when octopus swims, that’s why they rather stay in one place
  • Skin colouration reflects mood: they are normally brown; white = fear, red = anger.
  • Defence mechanisms:
    – Change colour and texture of their skin to camouflage themselves into their environment
    – Adopt deflective markings to scare potential predators, such as areas around the eyes or arms which turn dark, making them look more threatening
    – Releasing cloud of purple-black ink when swimming away from predator
    – Can reach speeds up to 40km/h for short distances
  • Commonly believed to have only arms but new studies by marine experts found that 2 tentacles act as legs allowing them to “walk” on the ocean floor or push themselves off when swimming
  • Can reject a tentacle if injured and regenerate a new one soon after
  • Highly intelligent – can identify, remember and mimic colours and forms for years
  • The female will attempt to devour the male after mating due to her not eating anything else for months until she gives birth to ca. 150 000 eggs, after which she might also die due to weakness

The House Reef at Kuredu is perfectly placed for you to explore independently with your snorkel buddy, but, if you prefer, there are Guided House Reef Tours, where our Snorkel Guides will show you the reef and point out the many interesting creatures living there.
Divers will discover the House Reef on the orientation dive and are then welcome to dive it with a buddy without the need for a guide – just let the Dive Center know and the tanks will appear at the hut on the jetty for you.

Jump in and see if you can spot a Common Octopus on the reef!