Half Day Trips

Our half day trips give you the opportunity to explore the reefs for a couple of hours by boat. Two sites are visited and the trips last approximately two and a half hours. There are plenty interesting places just a stone’s throw away from Kuredu. Our snorkel guides know them like the back of their hand and enjoy pointing out all those things that make them love their jobs!

Maldives Snorkel Kuredu Prodivers

Tinga Giri

This is a unique opportunity to snorkel one of the atoll’s sunken islands. A shallow top reef allows us to get a great view of the colourful marine life like puffer fish and angel fish. Inside the coral blocks you can find moray eels and octopus as well as anemones with clown fish. There are many types of interesting coral formations here and sometimes a hawksbill turtle can be found or even a reef shark.

Reef Safari

This snorkel boat will take you to two of our diverse reefs in the Lhaviyani Atoll. There is an abundance of coral life from table corals to stag horn corals. The snorkel sites not only offer coral life but a variety of fish life living on the reef and in the blue water.

Maldives Snorkel Prodivers Kuredu
Maldives Snorkel Prodivers Kuredu

Turtle Airport

Snorkel at Kuredu’s unique site to observe one of nature’s toughest survivors, the Green Sea Turtles. See them as they venture up to the surface to take a breath or having their shells spotlessly cleaned at one of the cleaning stations. Keep your eyes open to spot stingrays, eagle rays and napoleons cruising by on the outreef. Large schools of fish can also be seen on the top reef as large quantities of food are caught up in this area.

Komandoo House Reef

Komandoo House Reef is a beautiful reef close to Kuredu. Come and experience the beautiful coral life and different types of fish life from small damsel fish on the reef to large tuna passing by in the blue water. You could even be lucky and have a chance of seeing the resident hawksbill turtle that feeds on the reef.

Maldives Snorkel Prodivers Kuredu

Manta Search Boat

The Maldives is one of the best places in the world to snorkel with manta rays. The majestic manta ray has been capturing the hearts of both snorkelers and divers alike for many years. When the mantas are known to be around we will schedule special manta boats so keep your fingers crossed for an amazing, a once in a lifetime encounter with these gracious creatures – definitely one to cross off your bucket list!

Half Day Snorkel Sites