Kuredu House Reef – Great for Macro Diving

14 Sep 2015

Throughout the summer months, our divers were rushing for their cameras to capture images of the seven frog fish that made the Lhaviyani Atoll their home. Now the macro life is in full bloom even on Kuredu’s house reef! Find out what our instructors and guests have been lucky to spot.

At the moment, our house reef is the place to visit if you’re a macro lover. There seems to be an invasion of pipe fish. Our guests spotted several ornate ghost pipe fish during their house reef dives, especially around the wreck and on the beautiful bush coral. Soon after the descent, our divers were even welcomed by pairs of robust ghost pipe fish, swaying in a carefree way. A few of our eagle-eyed divers were even lucky to see the rare thin ghost pipe fish.

In addition to these masters of camouflage, we spotted a photogenic leafy scorpion fish that was completely undisturbed by our presence and us snapping away at it. Another great surprise was a saron shrimp, also known as the common marble shrimp.

And it wasn’t just daylight diving that threw in all these amazing macro critters. We went on a house reef night dive and it was shrimptastic, to say the least: lots of different shrimp species on the wreck, a pygmy squid on a feather star, not to forget the famous, bizzare-looking Donald Duck shrimp with a beak-like appearance.

Kuredu really has it all: There’s the weird and the wonderful macro life, as well as the big fish action galore, all right on our doorstep.

Images by Jenna Byrne and Steffanie Wagner