Kuredu Express – Famous Maldives Dive Site

27 Jul 2022

Kuredu Express is a famous dive site in the Maldives that has Marine Protected Area status. It a favourite dive site of many guests, with plentiful shark and ray sightings, and it’s always full of surprises – the varied topography coupled with the ever-changing current conditions mean it’s never the same dive twice. All the features of Express combine to give memorable underwater experiences and a dive that’s requested time and time again.

Currents – The ‘Express’ part of the site’s name comes form the currents that flow here – sometimes fast and furious, sometimes mild and mellow but often quickly changing. The outreef current and channel currents each play their part in how the site is dived, adding to the variety of diving on offer here. Due to the rapid changes in currents, divers can encounter a vast variety of marine life which makes diving on Kuredu Express a special and unique experience. With the right conditions this site can be accessible to most qualified divers.

Topography – It’s a dramatic site with three distinct areas – the sandy channel, the corner with large terraces and the huge overhangs or bays at the start of the outreef.

Sharks! – Famous as having one of the largest shark populations in the Lhaviyani Atoll, when conditions are favourable, the shark action here can be mind blowing, but there’s more to the life on Kuredu Express than just sharks… there’s an enormous quantity of schooling fish, eagle rays, sting rays, napoleon, tuna and, on rare occasions, even hammerhead sharks. Turtles, moray eels, and even leaf fish have been found here too. If it’s the sharks that interest you, learn about them prior to a dive with them during our Maldivian Shark & Ray Diver course, a PADI Distinctive Specialty.

Great photographic opportunities – With a small current divers can take their time exploring the overhangs and getting great shots with blue water background and, when the current is pumping, simply hang on and enjoy the show unfold at the corner as the pelagics photobomb your every shot!

Location – Just 5 minutes from Kuredu jetty – it doesn’t get more convenient than this.

See you on Kuredu Express soon?

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