Kuredu day 8 – When our bosses are away…

29 Jan 2011

…we will play!

Not only did the dive centre get a new “face lift”, but so also will Staffan and Ray´s office, and we decided that it is now time to take their office walls down to make sure that they don´t get missed out.

As you can see in the picture, our dive centre manager Jutta is having fun taking down Staffan and Ray´s office walls step by step.

To take the whole area down, it will not take a long time as Jutta is showing great enthusiasm helping the construction team. How long it will take to rebuild their office – who knows….

Next to their office we will soon have a second classroom again. As before we can show you the DVDs for your courses with the help of a Bema projector to provide a nice big screen, and our classrooms are of course quiet and air conditioned!

If you want to know more about what kind of courses we offer, just check out “Learn to Dive in the Maldives”  or drop us an email.

Tomorrow it is the last day of this year’s Boot Show in Düsseldorf and we kept the biggest change for this last day!