Looking Forward to Celebrating Our Birthday With You!

01 Dec 2023

It’s almost party time and we’re getting excited about celebrating with you soon!

35 years ago we were getting ready to open our doors to divers on Kuredu for the very first time, and since then we have been on countless underwater adventures with you and created many unforgettable memories. Our love for the ocean has inspired many of our divers to go on and become instructors themselves and it’s hard to believe that the youngest children we first introduced to the marine world many years ago will be approaching 50 or older! During our 35 years, the team has changed a lot, some staying for a looooong time, others just their year-long contract but, no matter how long they stayed, they remain part of the Prodivers family and many of us stay in touch and meet up in various places around the world. The image above is from our ‘vintage’ collection and shows Staffan in the early days of Prodivers!

In keeping with the Prodivers tradition, on Sunday 3rd December we will take our divers for a complimentary birthday dive to the new shipwreck, Express, which lies at Coral Garden. Those who have joined us for the anniversary dive before will know this dive is a masterpiece of diving choreography as we try to position all the divers with our birthday banner and capture a photograph to record the special occasion. After the dive we will celebrate with tea, coffee and cake, with a few words from Staffan and Ray. 35 year anniversary merchandise will be available to purchase.

A big thank you to all who have supported us over the last 35 years, we look forward to diving with you again soon!

Anniversary dive picture from 5 years ago:

Maldives Dive Center Anniversary

Keep a look out for photos of this year’s event coming soon!