Sulha Spa

Sky above. Earth below. Peace within.


At Kudadoo, you’re in paradise – let us calm the persistent conscious loop with an immersive experience, spend a couple of hours at Sulha Spa and feel better than you have in years. A sanctuary suspended over the ocean. We have curated the best treatments from around the world and selected the finest therapists, each chosen for their outstanding skills as well as their genuine, caring natures and uncanny intuition.

Maldives Spa treatments

Spa Treatments

Experience calm and relaxation with Sulha Spa’s well-being services. There is a wide range of restorative treatments available at Kudadoo Maldives, such as therapeutic massages, antioxidant rich natural skin care and freshly prepare body exfoliation.

Zen Shitasu

This is a unique form of bodywork that uses acupressure, usually applied using fingers and thumbs but sometimes elbows to go deeper and re-invigorate the body’s energy channels. It is a particularly effective therapy for improving sleep patterns.

Maldives Spa Kudadoo
Maldives wellness yoga

Yoga, meditation and visualisation

Address your specific health issues, enjoy a relaxing, personalised class to improve general well-being or reclaim your power and control of your life. Explore holistic ways of living a balanced and peaceful life with our yogi, meditation guru and wellness coach.

Lonu Immersion

The Maldives’ first Himalayan salt chamber. Our Lonu Cave is lined with mineral-rich Himalayan salt that’s more than 1,000 years old and renowned for its healing qualities. Spending time in the salt chamber, breathing in the world’s most healing salt air is the natural way to clear sinuses, your lungs, and ease muscles, before surrendering to the Himalayan salt stone therapy, ensuring you feel completely cleansed and rested.

Maldives Spa salt room

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