Welcome back – again and again

17 Mar 2012

Komandoo has a high number of repeaters every month, with February and March being among the favourite months to come to the Maldives.

On the 15th of March we organized a very special dive with all the repeater divers on the island. The condition to join was to have been with us more than 6 times. The dive took place at Anemone Thila, one of the most requested dive sites.
A total of 12 repeaters joined the dive:  Liz and Noel (12 time repeaters,), Nobert (11 times), Dominique (on her visit,  so…diving for free!!), Chris, Patricia and Bob, Ursula and Heinz (our 8 times repeaters) and Caren and Ian, 7 times repeaters . If we combine all their visits, that will make total of 99 trips to Komandoo with a total of 1702 dives.  Nice!!!! Sebastian Micheloud, him and his wife being  repeaters themselves,  was the photographer for the event.

Komandoo Repeaters

Photo courtesy of Sebastien Micheloud

Rosa and Josep were the guides for that dive.  Next May, they will celebrate their 13th year in the Maldives, 12 with Prodivers…6 of them on Komandoo. Counting the total number of dives for each diver, plus Sebastien who is also a PADI instructor, and Josep and Rosa, we have a total number of 16.000 dives.

Komandoo Prodivers Team would like to THANK ALL OF YOU for  coming back every year and wish you many more years of good diving, hopefully soon again with us!

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