Getting to Komandoo

Love is in the air!


Your romantic retreat isn’t perfect if you don’t set out in style! Enjoy the excitement and pleasant anticipation of how your holiday at Komandoo Maldives Resort is going to be if the seaplane journey with Trans Maldivian Airways itself is already exceeding your expectations.

En route to Komandoo Maldives Resort:

  • Stunning views of the airport island
  • See one of the world’s smallest capital cities, Male, from the air
  • Admire views of the numerous uninhabited islands and sandbanks
  • See how the iconic Maldives resorts look from above
  • Have your camera ready to capture your first sight of Komandoo
  • Flight time from Male to Komandoo Maldives Resort: 40 minutes

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Route Komandoo Seaplane Maldives