Komandoo International

09 Jul 2014

Whilst the sunny evenings here at Komandoo Maldives Resort are usually sat around the quiet bars discussing the football world cup, Prodivers Komandoo has certainly had its own international feeling lately.

Divers from all over the world have been joining us on our tiny island to come together for what has been an awesome couple of weeks diving.

As well as the more regular countries, we have had divers from Norway, Finland, USA, China, Ireland and Singapore diving with us recently.

Like some of the national teams, our smaller and less visited dive sites have been showing some quite amazing quality, huge grey reef sharks at Fushivaru Outreef, squadrons of mobula at Aquarium, and a leopard shark at Kuredu Caves!

We are hoping that our great diving won’t end on the day of the world cup final, and carries on into next year’s high season!