Komandoo Day 4 – Please be quiet.

25 Jan 2011

One of the most annoying things after a dive is the horrendous racket of some divers blowing air from their tanks directly on to the sintered filter of the first stage.

This is pretty unnecessary and not good for the first stage of you regulator. The sintered filter that prevents small particles penetrating your first stage, has been dry throughout the dive. Thereafter there is nothing to dry there. In fact by blowing like this on to the first stage filter, some small water particles from around the tank valve could enter the first stage and, on the long run, create some problems.

The only part to dry is the dust cap. You can do that with a towel, blowing from your mouth ( which is enough ) or also blowing from the tank. But remember that last option is still noisy, unnecessary and not everyone likes to hear a deafening noise after a beautiful and relaxing dive.