Karin’s Fairwell

03 Jun 2013

A little over three years ago, Karin came to Kuredu on holiday, where she fell in love with the island, the diving and the lifestyle. She soon managed to get herself a job out with us at Prodivers, where she has worked for the last 3 years, both in our office team, and more recently as a snorkel guide.

Karin’s bubble personality made a favourite amongst many of our guests, and many of you will have been on some great dives and snorkel trips with her. A huge fan of our scooter dives and Noon trips (both diving and snorkelling) she was often encouraging everyone to experience the best we have to offer.

However now after 3 years with PD she has decided its time for a change (or at least a break), with a short trip to Thailand in progress she plans on spending the summer back home in Austria, catching up with friends, family and civilisation. We wish her all the best for the future; although we are pretty sure it won’t be too long before we see her again.