It’s All Shiny And New!

20 Jan 2010

Despite the warm weather, the blue ocean and endless Manta sightings at the moment, we have actually been knuckling down to bring you something new and exciting!  Welcome to the PD Blog!

This Blog will replace the previous ‘Latest News’ section on the website, but don’t worry, all the old links will still bring you to the latest articles, and all of the previous news has been safely stored in a newly created News Archive.  One of the great things about switching to this new Blog is that we want you to be involved in this website as well.  So when we tell you about the 20+ Mantas at Fushivaru Thila, you can now back us up – adding your own experiences of your dives and snorkeling trips with us.  We will explain more about this shortly, because this is not all that we have changed!  All the new features and pages that we have put together, are aimed at helping you get more out of the website, and if you are visiting here for the first time, they will hopefully provide you with a more complete picture about who we are, what we offer and perhaps most importantly, what it is like to dive or snorkel at any of our centers.  And it’s not only website stuff that is new.  We also have a new specialty course, and a recently re-opened Vakarufalhi Resort.  So enough waffle for now, lets let you loose on the new stuff:

New Snorkel Section

Manta Ray Kuredu

Manta Ray

Snorkelers should take a look at the extended Kuredu snorkel section which now offers more information about the courses we have on offer, the snorkel sites we visit, as well as some information about the unique Snorkel Specialty Courses that we run.  We have just launched a new Manta Ray Specialty Course, designed specifically for snorkelers, and which is the result of the research findings of the Maldivian Manta Ray Research Project that we are involved in.

New Diving Course Section

Grey Reef Shark

Grey Reef Shark

In addition to making the diving course section clearer, we’ve added some new pages for the most popular specialty dive courses that we have on offer, including the Maldivian Shark & Ray Specialty Course.  With more divers arriving with housings for their digital cameras, we have also added a page relating to underwater photography, and if you are an adrenalin junkie, check out the Scooter possibilities we have on offer.

More Photos & Movies

Kuredu Sunset

Kuredu Sunset

We have added more photos, created some additional galleries including a Guest Gallery containing images taken by our divers and snorkelers while they were staying with us.

As the movie collection grows, we have changed the set up of the galleries, which now means that you can link directly to The Last 7 Days..On Kuredu for those weekly movie updates, as well as enjoy the extensive range of fish footage that is now filling up the Stock Footage gallery.

The PD Blog

We are keen to get you involved in this site, and have included some nifty little features that will let you have your say on the articles written, help you keep in contact with people you meet on the islands, and even find potential buddies before you leave home.  You don’t need to register to be active on the site, but you do need a valid email address.  If you have a Facebook account, then you will have access to some additional features:

Facebook Users



Simply log in with your existing details.  Click on the “Connect with Facebook” button (top right above) and away you go.  The only thing we ask is that if you want to add a comment to something that we write, please check the short guidelines below.

Find Some Friends

By clicking on the Last Visitors, you can keep in contact with new friends and hook up with potential new buddies before you leave home.


You can also keep up to date with all the latest happenings on Twitter.  The Twitter account will be updated automatically with posts from this blog.

Some Basic Guidelines

We don’t want to be party poopers, but we do have some rules for using these features!

Please be considerate when using these new features.  If you want to submit a comment onto the site, then please make sure it is kept clean, and cannot be deemed to be offensive to anyone.  Offensive comments will be removed from the site.  This is a site where we can chat about diving and snorkeling and all the great things that exist under the surface of our planet.  This is not a site for advertising other sites, and this is not a site where you can target individuals for abusive comments.  Please respect the other community members.  Comments and opinions left by users of this site do not necessarily reflect the opinion and view of Prodivers Maldives Limited.

If you feel as if there are situations where these guidelines have been ignored, then please send us an email so that we can fix it.

So now it’s time to get going!  You can start by telling us what you think of the changes, and inviting other people you think might be interesting in keeping up to date with all the latest.


Your Prodivers Team