Do you speak French? Schwyzerdueuetsch?

31 May 2012

Our team has received a boost!

A French instructor couple joined us a week ago, so yes – now we again have quite a few French speaking staff. Their arrival has been a long-awaited one, especially for Ben who has been a popular figure, hence a very busy one, amongst the French guests. Elodie and Alexis (there’s been a minor dilemma about his shortened name which Alex, the senior instructor cleared fairly quickly!) have already been involved in the daily diving routine at Prodivers and are already taking divers out for orientation dives and resort diving.

Instructors Kuredu

To provide a welcoming atmosphere for our Swiss guests, Yves joined us a while ago. He’s become a part of the team very quickly, so it kind of slipped our mind that we haven’t even officially introduced him yet.  So – meet Yves! He seems to be a nice guy so when he’s not busy teaching courses or lifting heavy weights at the gym, he would often join our evening social gatherings.

We hope they’ll all enjoy their time on Kuredu!