Komandoo Instructors share their favourite dive sites – Part Four: Sally

20 Nov 2017

Scuba Diving Maldives

When guests ask the popular question ‘What’s your favourite dive site?’ there may be a long pause before the instructor can come up with an answer, there is so much variety in the Lhaviyani Atoll that it is almost impossible to choose just one. There may be a favourite channel dive, a preferred site for seeing schooling fish, a ‘go to’ site for the critters they like most of all and so on, but to name just one? That is a very tough thing to do; hence the whirring of the brain cells guests may hear when they pose the question!

Marek, Steffi and David have revealed their choices and now, last but by no means least, Sally gets to tell all about her absolute favourite dive site…

What’s your favourite dive site and why?
“I had to think about this a lot but Kuredu Express gets my vote. You can have great encounters with grey reef sharks and eagle rays as you hang in the current on the terraces. Schooling banner fish and sweetlips can be found in the bay area on the outreef and snapper and trevally congregate on top of the terraces as sharks cruise around them. With the right conditions bringing non-stop action it can feel like you’re a spectator to the biggest underwater show on Earth! If you can bear to take your eyes off the blue and stop searching for the big stuff you’ll find lots of cool small stuff too! Porcelain crabs, leaf fish and emperor shrimps – hard to find but that’s my little challenge there. Friendly Napoleon Wrasses and turtles are frequent visitors. Express, with the current for which it is famous, is a great drift dive and has something for everyone with its corner, channel and outreef. For me it never gets boring because I can always find something interesting there and I enjoy every dive on X-Press”– Sally

Four instructors, four different favourites. The fact that the question is so very hard to answer is testament to the abundance of amazing sites on offer – browse the sites and see which one your favourite would be.